As part of our service to clients, we offer a range of management services. We will produce business plans to incorporate your forecasts, as can be seen in ‘Cash Flows / Budgets / Business Plans‘.

We can set up accounting systems to produce monthly/quarterly management accounts, ideally comparing actual results to budgets. This has an enormous benefit of highlighting any `arrears’ which are over (or under) budget, to enable the client to act immediately. Clients who do not prepare management accounts run the risk of a) identifying problem areas too late or b) not knowing where they are in order to make appropriate business decisions.

We offer the facilities of:

a) Preparing and discussing management accounts.

b) Being sent copies of the business management accounts on a monthly/quarterly basis to review and telephone to discuss areas of concern or with suggestions.

c) Meeting on a monthly/quarterly basis officially (in board meetings) or unofficially for a chat (‘your place or ours’) over the results produced, utilising our years of business experience.

We also undertake business reviews, either as a health check of your business or report with a view to purchasing a business.  We can report on any particular aspect of a company with independent constructive critical reviews of their business or systems. These can be in the form of a report or a flow chart for easy assessment.

Our experience and knowledge in business systems maintenance and development is constantly available to our clients.