An initial consultation is free.

It is important for a prospective client to have an opportunity to chat and ask questions before deciding if we are the type of company they feel they can work with. It is also important for us to meet the client, without pressure, to ensure we are able to help them.

At the start of your assignment, a fee will be quoted, this is the fee you will be charged, there are no hidden extras nor any charges for phone calls.

However, sometimes throughout the year clients require additional services, e.g. cash flow preparation, these are either billed on a fee per assignment agreed prior to commencement or on a time basis.

Our charges are calculated utilising our computerised `time’ system, whereby everyone (excluding administrative staff) has a charge-out rate per hour, depending upon their level of expertise and qualifications and this is recorded, in six minute units (1/10 of an hour) against the respective client’s ledger/account.

Why not ease your cashflow and spread the cost of your accountancy fees?  Feel free to ask about paying by standing order and our fixed fee facilities.