We offer a fixed fee facility, which is paid monthly, by standing order.

This enables clients to not only control their accounting costs for the year (ensuring no surprises!), but throughout the period of standing order payments we offer FREE ADHOC TELEPHONE  AND EMAIL SUPPORT.

We believe that some clients do not telephone us enough to discuss their business ideas or problems because they are deterred by the thought that “the meter is running”. Our fixed fee arrangement therefore eliminates this anxiety and, we hope, encourages business growth, a situation from which we both ultimately benefit.

The question of interest on this arrangement does not arise, as the fixed fee is paid in advance i.e.; the years quote is paid by the time the related financial year-end comes round. At this point we will review the actual time spent on a particular client throughout the year and re-assess next years level of fixed fee.

Some clients do not want to fix their fees but are happy to make monthly standing order payments on account, offset these against the ultimate fee and settle the difference, this is perfectly acceptable.